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Public sector

The public sector is subject to strong public opinion and financial pressure. You have many challenges to face in a context of institutional reforms, regulatory changes and budget constraints.

The public sector is subject to strong public opinion and financial pressure.
You have many challenges to face in a context of institutional reforms, regulatory changes and budget constraints.

Public actors are faced with the imperatives of performance and efficiency of their actions in a financial context increasingly constrained.

We have developed a leading expertise on the financial issues of public actors to put performance and transparency towards stakeholders at the heart of their strategy.

The firm is involved in a wide variety of assignments (strategy, financial audit, accounting and tax consulting, financial modeling, financial projections, management control).

Public sector professionals, you need reliable information to deal with all these developments. You must understand each project in its entirety and analyze the financial consequences for future budget years. We know your constraints and your objectives.

We can accompany you on the following topics:

  • Financial Communication and Reporting SEC 2010,
  • Internal control and piloting controls,
  • Governance and transparency,
  • Effectiveness of the accounting organization,
  • Security and reliability of information systems,
  • Compliance with standards and regulations,
  • Validation of financial data for funders.
Secteur public

The stakes are high: to maintain and even improve the quality of the missions and the proximity relations of towns and municipalities maintained with their inhabitants in a constraining budgetary context. Optimizing management is a major concern as financial constraints hinder public action.

We have a keep knowledge of the workings of municipal accounting. Statuory auditors of many associations related to the communes and autonomous municipal undertakings, we regularly carrie out missions in order to attest to the appropriate use of the subsidies granted.

Given the changes in the legal and regulatory framework, the municipalities may be subject to the presence of a statutory auditor or an auditor to certify their financial statements. The conclusions of this audit would be communicated to the Communal College in the form of a non-public report.

Although more and more met, the establishment of internal control is not always preceded by a rigorous analysis of risks while the formalization of procedures varies.
AUDICIA can perform a quick-scan of your entity based on the tool developed by the IRE (Belgian Institute of Certified Public Accountants), mainly from the point of view of internal control in relation to the production of financial information.

We can also perform the retrospective and prospective financial analysis of your city or town by highlighting the evolution of major financial balances.

Are your capital asset inventory procedures to be improved?

We propose an approach and tools to enable you to implement in a simple and effective way an internal control system that suits your size and needs.

Our interventions are a strong signal, especially to external partners in your community.

Corrective accounting, internal control or other missions may follow a diagnostic.

We are available for any inquiries relating to these missions and we will specify the details of the interventions.

In Wallonia, the 68 SLPS which carry out a proximity real estate management, present real particularities in their mode of operation. The sector is also subject to recurring changes in regulations, particularly in terms of financing and loans.

We observe that SLSPs are often precursors in terms of architecture and sustainable development.

The SLSPs are in touch with the municipalities, the CPAS, the SWL, the Administration of Urbanism, that of the lodging ....

Social housing is a regional issue. The Walloon Housing Code, SWL circulars and SWL vademecums make this area complicated and sensitive. The financing of social housing, social mix, the extension of the life span, the growing impoverishment of its tenants, the maintenance and rehabilitation of the rental housing stock, a matching of its supply to the demand and the calculation of rents are major issues of today and tomorrow. SLSPs are led to anticipate the financial consequences of these new developments and to organize themselves internally to face the new obligations imposed by the Walloon Region. All SLSPs must try to combine the constraint of the social vocation with the need for economic "profitability" and economic equilibrium.

The central role that internal control must play in the sector reminds us that deficiencies in this area pose significant risks.

Our teams practice most of the business and accounting tools specific to the sector: PHENICKS, EAGLES, PYRAMID ...
We intervene as much on:

  • the legal missions of establishment and certification of the accounts,
  • financial issues,
  • the problems of organization or budget management.

Our support provides a financial analysis of your SLSP in order to assess the financial potential and the financial balance at the end of the planned operations

Intermunicipal compagnies, tools of local or even regional solidarities, largely manage:

  • collection and treatment of waste,
  • sewage treatment,
  • economic activity parks,
  • production and distribution of water,
  • major sports and cultural facilities,
  • health care and medico-social,
  • tourism.

We assist you in:

  • Setting up an analytical accounting,
  • The control of the annual accounts,
  • The development of management indicators,
  • Respect for the Code of Local Democracy and Decentralization,
  • Diagnosis and improvement of corporate governance.