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“ When two forces units, their efficiency double. ”

Isaac Newton
Audit financier

Financial Audit

We certify the accounts and procedures of your company or association. We intervene both to meet a legal obligation that requires you to certify your accounts, namely the statutory audit.

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Evaluation d’entreprises et d’actifs

Companies and assets valuation

Determining the value of a company is not an easy task. The valuation of a business is the estimation, based on objective criteria, of its value through appropriate valuation methods.

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Risk consultance

Risk advisory

Risk taking is inherent to the exercise of any entrepreneurial activity. However, poorly managed and uncontrolled risks can undermine the objectives.

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“ It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people ”

Steve Jobs
Audit d’acquisition

Due diligence

The acquisition audit (also called "due diligence") takes place during transactions such as the purchase of a goodwill or an equity investment in an existing company.

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Contrôle et audit interne

Internal control and audit

Internal audit is one of the pillars of governance. Each growing entity is facing the same issue: unveiling risk areas associated with their growth.

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Taxation is an important part of the business. This subject largely governs its operation. A better understanding of the fundamentals in tax matters allows the entrepreneur to optimize his choices…

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Missions ponctuelles

One-off assigments

In parallel with his role as statutory auditor, the statutory auditor may intervene punctually during situations provided by in the Companies Code.

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