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Internal control and audit

Internal audit assistance

Internal audit is one of the pillars of governance. Every growing entity is facing with the same problem: discovering the areas of risk associated with their growth. Internal control is an essential lever to ensure the prevention of risks and the sustainability of activities.

Trust does not exclude control.

We intervene in support of your internal audit department, or in its absence. These may be one-off missions or a permanent monitoring. We also assist you in setting up key documents (charter, strategic plan ...).

Improve your internal control environment

The purpose of internal control is to reinforce and systematize the control devices that ultimately ensure that current operations are properly handled. Internal control must provide the best possible assurance at an optimized cost.

An effective internal control system reduces or even prevents erroneous statements in the closing of annual accounts. This organization helps in decision making.

Contrôle et audit interne
Contrôle et audit interne

Our services to assist you in your internal control:

  • Setting up a tailor-made organization and an information system to coordinate the activity of the different components of the company, which goes along with good governance,
  • Evaluation and optimization of your internal control system through the capitalization of good practices observed at our customers. Is your internal control effective and adequate? That is to say adapted to your risks and regulations. We refer to methodological benchmarks for internal control analysis recognized by the Institute of Internal Auditors (COSO2013, COSO-ERM and INTOSAI for the public service). We carry out efficiency tests.

Our other services

Missions ponctuelles

One-off assigments

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Contrôle et audit interne

Internal control and audit

Internal audit assistanceInternal audit is one of the pillars of governance. Every growing entity is facing with the same problem: discovering the areas of risk associated…

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